Virtual Reality and virtual tours are revolutionary new ways to view property. Forj is a market leader in proptech, we take virtual tours to a whole new level. By emerging the viewer in a crisp, ultra high definition video or photo, virtual tour of commercial, industrial and residential properties, we help properties sell faster and become more accessible to potential buyers. These virtual tours can also be viewed in VR.

Forj has assembled a portfolio of solutions aimed to capture and present virtual reality showcases seamlessly and efficiently to your potential customers. We also have a range of intuitive, time-saving tools that will benefit you within your organization.

We use the latest technology, top of the market 360 cameras and world class software to create an Ultra High Definition, 360-degree, panoramic virtual tour or “walk-through”, of your real estate properties. These include townhouses, commercial office suites, landed and residential properties.

Forj is a subsidiary of VR Events (PTY) Ltd, based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Take a Virtual Tour through Old Mac Daddy and find their custom made Airstreams and Tented Camps

Make your property more accessible and sell faster

Our virtual walk-through videos and photos are an excellent marketing tool and adds value for property developers, realtors, property marketing agencies, real estate agents and property advertising websites. Forj’s virtual tour videos and photos can also be added onto a property developer’s website, property advertising websites, and social network sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Travel without leaving your home!

Using Virtual Tours, viewers can travel to exhibitions and art galleries without leaving their homes. Our latest tour platform allows user to interact with photo, video, text and audio elements within the VR environment.