Do I need a VR Headset?

Although a headset will enhance the experience and allow you to immerse yourself into the viewed experience, it is not absolutely necessary, Our service allows you to stream from YouTube onto your phone, desktop, laptop and even your TV if it is connected to the internet.

What does it cost?

Please have a look at our rates page www.forj.co.za/rates

What kind of experience will I get from Forj?

The goal of our 360 and VR content is to immerse you into the listing as if you are there. Both with the videos and photos you will have the freedom to look around the listing in a 360° view. For best performance of VR videos on the Forj website or YouTube channel, we suggest viewing the quality in 2160s (4k) or higher.

Why does the video sometimes appear pixelated?

We are using a services that adapts the bitrate of the video you are watching depending on the speed of your connection in order to give you the best possible video playback. The video may start at a low bitrate and playback at a low quality which improves until it hits the appropriate standard for your connection.

Quality of videos will depend on your bandwidth stream and whether it is fast enough to support 6k+.

Why does my video appear stretched?

Some browsers do not support YouTube VR, we suggest viewing the site on a Chrome or Firefox browser (Safari Browser does not support VR).  On mobile devices we recommend viewing the videos on the official YouTube application.

What should I do if my video keeps buffering?

Ensure you have a good WiFi (3G OR 4G ) connection. Our 360° immersive video content is high resolution (4-8k) and requires a good connection to enjoy the best experience.

If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to ask us